faves page

My favorite things should tell you enough about me.

You also probably know me.

I have a lot of favorites, so this list will help me remember in case I forget…

  • Slurpee flavor: sour grape
  • Persons: Max, my mom
  • Restaurant: Reme’s… WaHi diner… 7-Eleven
  • 7-Eleven products: Slurpee, fajitas, hot chocolates
  • Sea Creature: d’LOB
  • Cat toy: d’LOB
  • David Foster Wallace Essay: Consider d’LOBster
  • Central Park Locale: d’LOeB Boathouse
  • 2016 Film: d’LOBster
  • Beard: Max’s beard
  • Cat Breed: Cornish Rex, Sausage-Breed
  • Stores: Deals & Discounts, Dollar Discount Deals, 7-Eleven
  • Candy: Razzles
  • Gum: Juicy Fruit
  • Establishment: I hate the establishment
  • Band: Uncured Band… check ’em out!!
  • Band I’m not Related to: Genesis, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Katatonia, Marillion
  • Movie Soundtrack: Dirty Dancing, GWTW, A Clockwork Orange
  • Podcasts: Up & Vanished, The Bowery Boys, Radiolab, More Perfect, This American Life, Criminal, Crimetown
  • Bridge: GWB
  • Ice Cream: choc chip cookie dough!!

Will be continuously added to. I’m old. I forget things!